Therapy for Sex Addiction

Help and Therapy for Sex Addiction is Available Here

If your relationship is in crisis from sex addiction or infidelity, you are likely experiencing a lot of guilt, pain, and fear. Now is a good time to reach out for help. Therapy for sex addiction is available and highly effective.

If you are like many of the men I work with, you have tried to stop the sexual acting-out behavior, but have found yourself returning to it over and over again. I know how to help you successfully recover so you can stay true to your relationship, living happier and healthier.


Three Stages of Therapy for Sex Addiction

Therapy for sex addiction may seem similar to other types of counseling and therapy. In reality, it’s very different. In the early stages of therapy, you will learn practical skills to help you stop the behavior–or to stay “sexually sober”.

After this, you will begin to work on triggers, learning what triggers your addiction, and how to change it quickly and sustain the change over time.

In later counseling and therapy, you will work on restoring your relationship through communication and trust-building.


Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

It is important to seek out a therapist who is a CSAT—Certified Sex Addiction Therapist ( CSATs have the most current and specialized training in the treatment of sex addiction and hypersexual behavior. I have been helping individuals and couples navigate this difficult recovery process since 2005.


If you would like to start this work, please contact me at 760.285.9888 or 949.216.0245

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