Go Deeper in Therapy

Deeper Therapy Creates Lasting Change

Have you seen another therapist but feel there is more work you want to do?

Perhaps you want to go deeper, understand yourself better, and initiate lasting change?

Most therapy stays at a cognitive level, but some people want or need more depth.

Just understanding their history is not enough. Some have to go deeply inside themselves to access their intrinsic strengths, experience their emotions, and find their healing resources.

My training and experience enable me to help you go deeper into a place where true healing and lasting change can occur. I do this in a gentle and respectful way to ensure you have the best experience possible. Many of my clients tell me about the gains they have made in previous therapy. They come to me to continue this work, to deepen it, and to create lasting change.

Come experience a deeper level of therapy and last change.

If you are someone who wants lasting change, I will help you get there using several techniques that will help you learn to feel your emotions better, understand why you are the way you are, and learn to relate to yourself and others in a way that is much more effective and fulfilling.

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